Moroccan Couscous With Roasted Veg And Tahini Dressing

A large plate of Moroccan couscous with roast veggies.

Moroccan couscous with roasted veg and tahini dressing is a healthy and affordable vegetarian-friendly meal that is bursting with color and Mediterranean flavors. This easy couscous recipe combines plenty of roast veg seasoned with cumin, and garlic and laid on a bed of couscous.  The colorful turmeric-infused couscous also gets a boost of flavor with

Creamy Greek tzatziki

Creamy Tzatziki sauce dip sits besides some carrot sticks and bread.

Creamy Greek tzatziki is a quick and easy crowd-pleaser when entertaining or serving up a light and healthy snack. This Tzatziki recipe is rich and creamy and full of flavor with plenty of toasted fennel seeds added for an extra layer of flavor. Serve with some fresh pita bread, raw veggies, grilled veggies, or your

One-pan Greek chicken thighs with roast veg

A pan of Greek chicken thighs with roasted vegetables.

One-pan Greek Chicken thighs with roast veg is the perfect meal when you’re looking for something easy and tasty. Juicy chicken thighs and veg are marinated in a tasty Greek-style marinade with lots of fresh herbs and spices and then oven roasted to perfection.  The result is a delicious meal with just 15 minutes of prep and the

Why Mediterranean Cuisine Should Be Your Go-To Diet

Some peppers and carrots sit on a chopping board.

Are you tired of bland food and diets that don’t work? Look no further than the Mediterranean diet! This cuisine is more than just delicious food — it can provide numerous health benefits and promote a happy lifestyle. Let’s explore why Mediterranean cuisine should be your go-to diet. Health Benefits The Mediterranean diet is well