About Us


We’re Byron and Crissy, a couple of Aussies who’ve fallen in love with the Mediterranean Sea, food, and way of life. We’ve been living in Spain for the past five years and have definitely embraced the food culture. We’re lucky enough to live 50 meters from the Mediterranean Sea and close to mountains and orange groves too, so it’s a beautiful part of the world where we are — full of fresh seafood, fruit, and vegetables. 

But you don’t need to live on the Med to experience the incredible food. We share recipes we’ve learned along the way from living in Spain, France, and Turkey. Plus, we’ve traveled and eaten our way around Morocco, Egypt, Greece, Croatia, Malta, Italy, Lebanon, Syria, and Tunisia. 

We don’t travel as much anymore since we adopted our beautiful rescue dog (who’s a couch potato) so we started this food blog to keep exploring the many wonderful recipes the Med has to offer from the comfort of our home. We invite you to join us as we find dishes we haven’t tried and create some new ones along the way. 

Living in the Med, we find you naturally eat healthily as it’s cheaper, fresher, and tastier. So, most of the recipes on this site will have a health focus but occasionally we indulge in some naughtier ones too. After all, moderation is key, and food and happiness are life. 😋