The Scoop on Greek Yogurt: Tasty and Healthy

A small bowl of yogurt sits with a spoon on a blue countertop.

In the world of dairy, Greek yogurt has carved out its own creamy niche, winning over taste buds and health enthusiasts alike. This thicker, richer cousin to regular natural yogurt has become a staple in kitchens around the globe, and for good reason. Packed with nutrients and probiotics, it’s a nutritional ally you want in

What to Eat on the Mediterranean Diet to Lose Weight

A large baked sweet potato topped with salad and a yogurt sauce.

Want to learn what to eat from the Mediterranean diet to help you lose or maintain weight? It might be easier than you think since the Mediterranean diet isn’t your typical “diet.” It’s based on the traditional dietary patterns of countries bordering the Mediterranean Sea so your food options are greater. It’s more of an

How Olive Oil Can Help You Lose Weight

A small plate of anchovies sits beside some spaghetti, capers, olive oil, and basil.

There’s no doubt about the role of olive oil in a healthy diet — it’s nutritious and great at fighting diseases. But one of the intriguing aspects is its role in weight loss. Studies are newer when it comes to weight loss versus studies around health benefits and how olive oil can help prevent or

How the Mediterranean Diet Can Nourish Your Gut

a bowl of chickpeas sits next to some dried dates, cherry tomatoes, spinach leaves, lemons, herbs, and spices.

In a world obsessed with quick fixes and fad diets, there’s one “diet” that stands the test of time when it comes to promoting gut health — the Mediterranean diet. Bursting with flavor, color, and a myriad of health benefits, this age-old way of eating has been linked to improving everything from heart health to

Gorgonzola Cheese: What Is It, Recipes, And Where To Buy It.

a large wedge of gorgonzola cheese.

Gorgonzola is an Italian blue cheese made from cow’s milk and comes with a pungent, tangy flavor. There are two main types of Gorgonzola cheese: Gorgonzola Piccante, and Gorgonzola Dolce. In this article, we discover what Gorgonzola cheese is, how to use it in recipes, purchasing and storage tips, and where to buy the best Gorgonzola