Mediterranean Chicken Meatballs with Couscous and a Tangy Greek Yogurt Dressing

Chicken meatballs sit beside some couscous and green yogurt dressing.

Mediterranean chicken meatballs with couscous and a tangy Greek yogurt dressing make the most of classic Mediterranean herbs and spices and other popular ingredients from the Med to deliver a dish that simply oozes flavor. Delicious, herby chicken meatballs are gently pan-fried to perfection and served on a bed of lemony couscous and drizzled with

Za’atar Chicken with Leek, Artichoke Hearts, and Kalamata Olives

A large dish of Za'atar chicken with leeks, and roasted artichoke hearts.

Za’atar Chicken with Leek, Artichoke Hearts, and Kalamata Olives is a delicious recipe that combines Mediterranean and Middle-Eastern flavors. Za’atar is a versatile and aromatic spice blend that is widely used in various cuisines like Lebanese.  Combined with oven-baked leek, red onion, artichoke hearts, and pitted Greek Kalamata olives, this recipe is loaded with flavor

One-pan Greek chicken thighs with roast veg

A pan of Greek chicken thighs with roasted vegetables.

One-pan Greek Chicken thighs with roast veg is the perfect meal when you’re looking for something easy and tasty. Juicy chicken thighs and veg are marinated in a tasty Greek-style marinade with lots of fresh herbs and spices and then oven roasted to perfection.  The result is a delicious meal with just 15 minutes of prep and the