How to Make Melitzanosalata (Greek Eggplant Dip)

A small bowl of melitzanosalata dip sits beside some bread.

Melitzanosalata, “eggplant salad” in English, is a traditional Greek dish that is more of a dip or spread than a typical salad. It’s made from roasted or grilled eggplants, which lend a smoky quality to the dish. If you’ve ever tried baba ganoush, this may be ringing bells, and they are quite similar but there

What to Use to Make an Authentic Greek Meze Platter

Some chicken souvlaki skewers being served with some tzatziki and some carrot sticks.

Recreate the beauty and flavor of an authentic Greek meze plate at home that will impress at your next gathering! This article is dedicated to everything that you’ll typically find on a meze plate in Greece. We’ll look at what to use to make an authentic Greek Meze platter, including what ingredients are commonly used,